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Today is Sep 26, 2021



This program will enable participants to:

  • Improve their skills for understanding issues related to disability from any cause (such as stroke or road trauma)and their families.
  • Understand the complex nature of various disabilities (such as paralysis, inability to speak or swallow, thinking/cognitive issues etc.) and their impact on function and inability to work; and dependence on others .
  • Develop sound clinical reasoning and decision- making process.
  • Communicate clearly and effectively with other treating clinical staff, treating rehabilitation teams, community based workers and patient/families .
  • Be able to develop a management plan for their patients (THRIVES study).
  • Set up a system for organized rehabilitation care both in hospital and community.
  • Understand rehab service accreditation standards and processes required.

This program will provide:

  • A conceptual understanding of common rehabilitation practice and insights into inter-professional generalists and specialist approaches.
  • A conceptual understanding of risk factors for stroke and integration of secondary prevention of stroke into stroke recovery program (THRIVES Study).
  • Deeper understanding and knowledge of common disability conditions such as stroke, infarcts and cerebral bleeds, brain tumours, Parkinson disease, multiple sclerosis, spina bifida, traumatic brain injury; amputees and orthopaedic trauma.
  • Communication, assessment and presentation skills in rehabilitation including working with families and interprofessionals.
  • Developing skills and competency in the management of selected common rehabilitation conditions in the Nigerian setting.
  • Clinical practice issues- operational such as managing referrals, documentation, accreditation standards, rehab scope of practice and outcome measurement.

The rehabilitation team includes:
  1. Prof. Farees Hayat KHAN – Is Director of Rehabilitation, Royal Melbourne Hospital; Clinical Director Australian Rehabilitation Research Centre, Royal Melbourne Hospital; Clinical Professor, Department of Medicine, the University of Melbourne; Adjunct Professor, Disability Inclusive Unit, Nossal Institute of Global Health, & School of Public Health and Preventative Medicine, Monash University. She is the Chair-Elect, of the International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (ISPRM) - Committee on Rehabilitation Disaster Relief (CRDR) and Executive member of the International Disaster Committee WHO-LC ISPRM. She is Honorary Fellow of the National Aging and Research Institute and the Melbourne EpiCentre, Melbourne Health. She represents 9 public hospital networks in Victoria at the Clinical Leadership Group for the Care of the Older People, Department of Health Victoria, Australia (Disability policy and planning).
  2. Prof Pauline Mary GALEA – Is an Australian physiotherapist and neuroscientist at University of Melbourne; Professorial Fellow at the University of Melbourne's Department of Medicine at the Royal Melbourne Hospital and a Senior Principal Fellow in the Florey Institute of Neurosciences and Mental Health.; Foundation Professor of Clinical Physiotherapy and Director of the Rehabilitation Sciences Research Centre at the University of Melbourne and Austin Health. She is Honorary Professor, School of Rehabilitation and Health Sciences, and Queensland Brain Institute, University of Queensland; Honorary Professor, Faculty of health Sciences University of Sydney. She is internationally recognised for her work in spinal cord injury and rehabilitative interventions.
  3. Dr. Alaeldin Mohamed EL MALIK – Is a Senior & Community Rehabilitation Registrar, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Royal Melbourne Hospital. He is Rehabilitation Registrar at Amputee/MSK/Pain, Royal Melbourne Hospital; Rehabilitation Registrar at the Alfred Orthopaedic and MSK; Caulfield Hospital; Rehabilitation Registrar, Northern Health and Senior Medical registrar Austin Health, Repatriation Hospital till date.
  4. Dr Geoffery Lionel ABBOTT – Is Deputy Director, Rehabilitation Service, Melbourne Health (formerly combined Royal Melbourne and Essendon Hospitals; Clinical Fellow, Department of Medicine, University of Melbourne; Senior Examiner, Court of Examiners, Australian Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine. He has served as Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine in several capacities including - British Columbia Rehabilitation Society, Cedar Court Physical Rehabilitation Hospital, Royal Melbourne Hospital, Pain Management Centre, Caulfield General Medical Centre and Multiple Sclerosis Society (Geelong Region).
  5. Miss Lauren Claire FLETCHER – Is a Speech pathologist at the Royal Melbourne Hospital and Executive Committee Member of Speech Pathologists in Adult Rehabilitation (SPAR) special interest group.
  6. Miss Marlena KLAIC – Is currently the Clinical Research Leader, Occupational Therapy Department, Royal Melbourne Hospital, University of Melbourne, Australia. She has served as Senior Clinician, Occupational Therapy Department, Caulfield Hospital, Alfred Health; Clinical Facilitator, Victorian Stroke Clinical Network, Department of Health, Melbourne and Research Therapist, National Ageing and Research Institute.